About Kimili

KIMILI is a start up from an amazing little country Georgia, known for rich history, traditions, beautiful nature, friendly people and cradle of wine. The skills of making handmade jewelry have passed from generation to generation over 1,200 years but still remains hidden from the world. KIMILI in Georgian language means “Jewelry”.

KIMILI’s ambition is to bring Georgian cloisonné enamel jewelry, crafted with ancient technique, persevered through generations, to the world. Georgian cloisonné enamel is not just jewelry but each item is simply a piece of wearable art. All the items are purely handmade involving couple of craftsmen and enormous effort.

At KIMILI we couple old traditions with the modern trends. Our design team is a mix of established, nationally well known to upcoming young designers ready to break traditional boundaries. Each item goes through an extensive screening process to ensure quality.

About the Founder

Now a little bit about myself, I am Diana from Georgia, a small country on Black Sea coast with lot to offer. I have always been passionate about fashion and handmade jewelry. As mentioned above, the art of making cloisonné enamel have passed through generations and it is truly appraisable that such a small country, like Georgia, managed to keep this ancient tradition and evolve further. With KIMILI, I want to take this hidden treasure out to the world. I believe that jewelry has a special meaning for every individual, as compared to clothes, we buy jewelry for lifetime. Fashion trends come and go but the beauty, handicraft and uniqueness of jewelry is forever, especially when you create a wearable art. And at KIMILI that is simply what we try to do.

So, if you share the passion for fine quality handmade jewelry, KIMILI is absolutely right place for you. Our collection will be updated on regular basis but if you would like to create something of your taste, we are ready to help to create a unique design only for you.